The production of wire supports is carried out on behalf of a transversal customer in sectors such as furniture, boating, agriculture and construction. In fact, metal wire supports are used in many fields, in the creation of custom-made supports for flower planters as well as in the creation of baskets and racks for home decoration. Technique and creativity are combined thanks to the experience of our qualified staff and the availability of advanced machinery able to manage flexibility in production while maintaining the high quality of the final product.

The metal wire supports offer the great advantage of ensuring excellent results in terms of strength, durability and reliability, with the possibility of creating any kind of shape. In addition, the supports can be covered with different surface finishes, able to satisfy aesthetic needs but also technical factors, such as resistance to corrosion. Our metal wire supports therefore meet the needs of an audience looking for items that are widely consumed, but with features that always live up to expectations in every context of use.

Metal wire supports

Production of support in two or three dimensions

A question that we are asked very often concerns the possibility of designing wire supports in three dimensions as well as in two. The answer is yes: with the help of special machinery and CAD prototyping software, we work the metal wire in any direction, creating folds and stamping of embossed parts. A modern, fast and reliable approach, the result of decades of experience in the field of metal wire and metal tape processing. By taking advantage of our preliminary advice, you will be able to know the operating methods and plan the supply together with our technicians, in full compliance with your time scales and your budget. Choose a specialist partner, choose Cegalin Srl!