Manufacturing process

The company’s manufacturing process consists of several steps used for different products.

Moulding and Bending:

it is the initial process, which transforms raw material into the desired product. We have approx. 90 machines that do this – some work wire, some strip, as well as mechanical presses that shear and mould sheet steel.


with three automatic lines for hardening, we can transform the product through the heat treatment process of hardening and tempering and make it of the desired hardness.


two completely automatic lines are for galvanizing – we can offer several levels of resistance to corrosion, according to requests.


coating was introduced few years ago, with liquid or epoxy powder. We have a wide range of colours available according to customer needs.

Quality Control:

different equipment controls product quality – from measurement of raw materials to clip hardness, from wire resistance to clip endurance tests, from deformation resistance of hooks to salt spray tests for corrosion resistance.