The production of iron handles proposed by Cegalin meets high quality requirements. We use only top quality galvanized iron for the handles and grips, a robust and durable material that can withstand the test of time and wear. The wire is processed in our factory with the help of the latest generation machinery and with constant monitoring by our specialised personnel to avoid any manufacturing defect. All shapes and sizes of our bucket and can handles and grips are customisable, both for use with iron buckets and cans and for use with plastic buckets.

Our production includes handles with plastic grips to facilitate the hold and transport of the bucket itself or even without plastic grips. Every need is analysed by our specialised technicians to ensure a result that meets the expectations while respecting the costs, thanks to the availability of advanced equipment and the high volume of materials processed every day in our production facility in Italy.

Handles and grips for buckets and tins

From handles for plastic buckets to can grips

Handles for bucketsThe assortment of handles and grips is almost endless because the creative possibilities are endless. The models can be distinguished according to their shape and size, while the areas of application range from buckets for laundry and domestic use to buckets for building and masonry work in general, from metal buckets for containing car oils and detergents, to iron containers dedicated to the food sector (for example, cans for the storage of 5 litre olive oil). Request a no-obligation quote to find out the prices and conditions of sale.