Metal tape processing

Our company offers a highly refined metal tape processing service, which is the basis for the production of specific items and components such as hanger springs. The metal tape used for this type of processing is printed, folded and sliced by special machines capable of managing huge production volumes. Each machine can be equipped from time to time for more or less advanced processing according to the needs of the end customer. One of the most significant advantages for those who rely on us is the guarantee of the result, even for urgent requests and tight deadlines.


Thanks to the availability of over ninety machines, we can always count on a certain number of free machines, ready to perform new processes without any waiting. The same factor becomes an additional strength if we talk about prices: with more than 5,550 tons of tape and metal wire being processed every year, we are able to be competitive in terms of cost, thus ensuring better commercial offers compared to less structured competitors. An additional opportunity to count on the support of a qualified partner without sacrificing convenience and quality.

Metal wire and metal tape moulding

From agriculture to boating: processing fro every sector

The experience of Cegalin Srl has its roots in the production of hooks for clothes hangers and hooks for painting. Over the years, however, we have broadened our horizons to other sectors, including boating, agriculture, furniture, construction, household appliances and more. Today our customers can turn to us for various metal tape processes. We use only top quality iron and steel, ideal to ensure long life and performance up to expectations.

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