For some years now the coating hooks have become an important part of the product catalogue. Today we have created many models of coating hooks, to be used on metal products and components treated with epoxy and other coatings. In this case, the hooks are activated by electrostatic contact in order to attract the coating to the workpiece. When the hook is filled with dust and loses its electrostatic capacity, it is possible to clean and remove the coating and therefore to recover the hook, or to replace it with relative disposal of the previous piece.


The know-how gained in this field has allowed us to achieve a high standard of quality, supported by our advanced machinery and our specialised staff: all this to guarantee an effective production of a wide range of hooks for industrial painting. Even for urgent requests and tight deadlines, at Cegalin can maintain our commitment and deliver the products within the agreed deadline, thanks to the availability of over 90 machines with high load capacity, operating without interruption 24 hours a day all year round

Coating hooks

Reliable and robust metal wire hooks

Coating hooksFor the production of our hooks we use high quality wire selected by experienced suppliers. The customisation of the hook is another feature that distinguishes our service, always looking for results faithful to customer expectations and coating needs. We are ready to look into any request in Italy and the rest of the world, starting production in full compliance with the agreed offer. For more information or to receive a tailor-made quote without obligation, please fill out the contact form on the dedicated page. A few seconds and you will have all the answers you need for a clear and calm evaluation.